Food Ingredients



A wide variety of flavor seasonings made of natural ingredients including molasses and cassava, with extract of meat, fish, or vegetables to make your authentic dishes taste better.

Product List

Ajiplus Ekicho
Dashiplus (Beef/Chicken)
Tencho HVP M-2000
Tencho Ajimate M-A200
Tencho Ajimate M-5000
Tencho Ajimate M-SUPER P
Tencho Ajimate M-SUPER M
Tencho Ajimate M-SUPER RK
Tencho Ajimate M-SF10
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-C100
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-C1000
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-RCK100
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-RCK500
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-M100
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-RBF100
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-RBF200
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-RBF300
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-P100
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-VR10
Tencho Aji-Aroma CTF-10
Tencho Aji-Aroma M-CHICKEN FB
Super Yeast Extract
Nucleotide I+G
MSG-Bulk (25LC / 25RC / 25CP / 25FCA)

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