Food Ingredients



An extensive range of natural and steam sterilized quality herbs, spices, and seasoning products with different types of packaging to suit your business needs.

Product List


Allspice Whole / Ground
Black Pepper Whole / Coarse / Ground
Cardamom Whole / Ground
Cayenne Pepper Whole / Ground
Celery Whole / Ground
Cinnamon Stick / Ground
Clove Whole / Ground
Coriander Whole / Ground
Cumin Whole / Ground
Dill Seed Whole / Ground
Fennel Whole / Ground
Fenugreek Whole / Ground
Garlic Ground
Ginger Ground
Green Chilli Ground
Green Peppercorn in Brine
Lemon Grass Ground
Mace Ground
Mustard Whole / Ground
Nutmeg Whole / Ground
Onion Ground
Paprika Ground
Pink Pepper Whole
Red Chili Coarse / Flakes / Ground
Star Anise Whole / Ground
Szechuan Pepper Ground
Turmeric Ground
White Black Pepper Whole / Coarse / Ground


Basil Whole / Ground
Bay Leave Whole / Ground
Mixed Herbs Whole
Kaffirlime Leave Coarse / Ground
Marjoram Whole / Ground
Oregano Whole / Ground
Parsley Whole
Rosemary Whole / Ground
Sage Ground
Thyme Whole / Ground


BBQ Seasoning
Beef Seasoning
Cajun Spice
Chicken Seasoning
Chinese Five Spice
Curry Powder for Chicken
Curry Powder for Fish

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